Dispatch time 10-14 days, UK Shipping from £2
Dispatch time 10-14 days, UK Shipping from £2
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1. What is polymer clay?

Polymer clay is a type of modelling clay which hardens when oven baked. It doesn't usually contain clay minerals, but like mineral clay, a liquid is added to dry particles until it becomes soft and workable. It is traditionally used in arts and crafts, and the use of polymer clay in jewellery making has become popular in recent years.


2. How heavy is it?

You wouldn't believe how light it is! Just hearing the word clay you conjure up ideas of heavy clay bowls and plates, but polymer clay is incredibly light. My heaviest pair of earrings have been under 10 grams per earring, and they are usually between 1-5 grams each. You do honestly forget you are wearing them - makes it perfect for people who have lobes extra sensitive to weight.


3. How should I care for my polymer clay?

Depending on the thickness of the polymer clay, it can remain fairly flexible after baking (i.e. can be bent slightly) so care should be taken transporting the earrings - basically don't sit on them! :-) Thicker clay tends to be more rigid and can chip or break if dropped from height.

These earrings aren't designed to be worn for swimming or bathing/showering - Polymer clay is slightly porous and the majority of the designs, while buffed to give a shiny appearance, aren't glazed or finished to prevent water ingress, so please take care with water.


4. How long will my order take?

Most items are in stock and are ready to be shipped, however due to work and home commitments I normally only ship once per week, usually towards the end of the week. If you leave an email address with your order, I will send out a confirmation email once your order has been shipped. 

Items are shipped with Royal Mail 1st Class for UK orders, or International Standard Tracked for deliveries abroad. 


5. How will my order arrive?

From 24th July, orders will be shipped in large letter size packaging. The earrings will be in a Kraft box with protective cushioning inside the box. If you have ordered multiple earrings, there may be more than one pair inside the box. 


6. What should I do if my order arrives damaged or faulty?

The vast majority of orders arrive in perfect condition, so it's unlikely you will need to get back in touch. 

However, should an item arrive damaged or faulty please don't hesitate to contact us via social media (Instagram/Facebook) or directly by email at kuziclaydesigns@gmail.com 

Upon assessing the damage (via photos etc.) we will either offer a replacement item or alternative, or agree a refund if you prefer. Please note it may be possible to rectify the issue at home, if this is the case and you are happy with this option a discount may be offered.


7. Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately due to hygiene concerns, returns are not accepted (except in case of items arriving damaged or faulty) 


8. What if my item hasn't arrived?

The majority of deliveries to the UK arrive within the first class delivery window quoted by the Royal Mail. 

However, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, there have been significant disruptions in certain areas to the postal service. If you're concerned an order hasn't arrived in time, please contact me via social media (Instagram/Facebook) or directly by email at kuziclaydesigns@gmail.com. I obtain proof of postage for every order sent.

For International orders, unfortunately once it has left the UK it can be very difficult to track - I will provide you with the tracking number for each order after dispatch. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused disruption to this service, particularly to the USA, so orders are taking a little longer currently. f you're concerned an order hasn't arrived in time, please contact me via social media (Instagram/Facebook) or directly by email at kuziclaydesigns@gmail.com. I obtain proof of postage for every order sent.


9. Do you charge VAT?

Tax is included in all prices shown.


10. How do I contact Kuzi Clay?

Instagram - @kuziclaydesigns

Facebook - @kuziclaydesigns

Email - kuziclaydesigns@gmail.com